Passion for pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic, perfume, OTC and food packaging
APG Europe is an Indutrade company whose packaging platform is designed for
supply chain management servicing the world's most reliable and innovative companies..

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Why we’re here

Our right to exist lies in our service: we create practical total solutions for packaging and logistics issues. Tailor-made for our customers. From start-ups to the established order.

Our technical skills enable us to innovate and support our clients in achieving their goals.

Your success
Our goal

Satisfied customers are our goal.

Our helpful packaging specialists operate on the values of striving for excellence and transparency: Partnership pur sang.

Each product and each packaging serves a purpose, each requiring its own innovative solution. For more than 40 years, customers have trusted our quality, creativity and dedication.

Growing together
Developing together

You can always count on us.

We are loyal and engaged with our customers and suppliers.

As a supply chain partner we fulfill a resonace role representing your priorities in order to safeguard your competitiveness and success. To create a service level we believe you can't get anywhere else.

Passion, pride en graditude


Pride in our organisation and proud of all our employees. No half measures but passionate tackling of challenges.

Grateful that we have been allowed to work for our customers and manufactures.

Together we are a European team with 30 packaging professionals. One team for more efficiency. To dare each other. to coach and support each other.
Together: for you.

Ronald van Haaften
CEO APG Europe


  1. How is APG Europe originated?
  2. Why one tradename?
  3. Is there a change in legal names?
  4. Where is the responsibility?
  5. Is there a group insurance?
  6. To whom do you send purchase orders?
  7. Who handles your purchase order?
  8. Is the order entry central?
  9. Does APG Europe process an central administration?
  10. A customer portal for all customers?
  11. Is stock administration central?
  12. Is stock administration central?
  13. Are invoices processed central?
  14. Where do we pay tax?

1. How is APG Europe originated?

APG Europe originated from two organizations: Aluglas Packaging Group and Verbeeck Packaging Group. We carry the name APG Europe from 1st of January 2017. This name did not just fall from the sky. APG® is an abbreviation of Aluglas Packaging Group. The tradename APG Europe is protected. APG® is an officially registered brandname of BV Aluglas Verenigde Bedrijven. To show that we support customers and suppliers in Europe we have chosen to add Europe to our tradename. APG as well as APG Europe are both registered as tradename with the chamber of commerce in Amsterdam.

APG Europe GmbH was founded at the beginning of 2018. APG Europe has branches in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Together we form a European team with 30 packaging professionals with export activities to more than 20 countries.

2. Why one tradename?

Together under one name we can be stronger than each for his own and deliver an even better service to you. You are optimally supported by us and you always have a technical packaging consultant to your disposal, surrounded by an (international) team of specialists. One team for more efficiency. To learn from each other. To dare each other to go a step further. To coach and support each other. Helpful, committed and with a great passion for packaging. Together: for you.

3. Is there a change in legal names?

The legal name of our entities remains the same. APG Europe is our tradename, the name under which our companies operate to trade.  


  • Legal entity/corporation: BV Aluglas Verenigde Bedrijven
  • Tradename: APG Europe


  • Juridische entiteit/rechtspersoon: Verbeeck Packaging Group NV
  • Handelsnaam: APG Europe


  • Legal entity/corporation: APG Europe GmbH
  • Tradename: APG Europe

4. Where is the responsibility?

Both legal entities, BV Aluglas Verenigde Bedrijven and Verbeeck Packaging Group NV, have their own legal responsibility and both have an active role in the shaping of agreements. BV Aluglas Verenigde Bedrijven has given Verbeeck Packaging Group NV ande APG Europe GmbH the authority to make agreements with third parties. Legally an agreement is made with the entity BV Aluglas Verenigde Bedrijven. All legal entities use APG Europe as their tradename and form one packaging group together.

5. Is there a group insurance?

All legal entities are a part of the corporate insurance of indutrade AB, the parent company of Indutrade Benelux, the holding of all companies located in the Benelux. 

To whom do you send purchase orders?

To send us your purchase order you can use your local APG Europe address. However, we would really appreciate it if you would be able to digitally send in your purchase orders to

Who handles your purchase order?

Each APG Europe team / division is responsible for the optimal processing of purchase orders of her own customers and the guaranteeing of excellent service. This is regardless the delivery address of your purchase order. We want to keep it as easy as possible for you. 

8. Is the order entry central?

No. The Dutch, German and Belgium team are responsible for their own entry of sales orders and processing order confirmations.. 

9. Does APG Europe process an central administration?

Yes. All accountants and controllers work with the central SAP system for transaction processing. Invoice tracking and invoice processing are the responsibility of the concerning APG Europe office.

10. A customer portal for all customers?

Yes. The secured and secluded customer portal of APG Europe has a direct link with SAP. In this way all customers are able to see into relevant SAP data and transaction related documents. When speaking of SAP data you can think of: price lists, backlog overview, call-off contracts, delivery plans, customer specific stock, batch numbers and so on. Documents available for you to download: quotations, order confirmations, invoices, return orders, credits and certificates. . 

11. Delivery from multiple warehouses?

We strive to supply every customer from one dedicated warehouse. Dutch customers are supplied from the warehouse in Uithoorn (NL) and Belgian customers from the warehouse in Wilrijk (BE). We shall supply our German, Austrian and Swiss customers from the warehouse in Germany as soon as we have a distribution center in Germany. Our warehouse in Uithoorn (NL) will fulfil all logistic activities as long as the warehouse in Germany is not active. Export customers from other countries shall be supplied from one of our warehouses in Uithoorn (NL) and/or Wilrijk (BE).

12. Is stock administration central?

Yes. We place great value on transparency so that we can provide the very best logistic customer service. The entire warehousing (receiving, stocking, replenishment, picking, packing and outbound) for all APG Divisions is operationalized within the central Warehouse Management System (WMS). Purchase orders and goods receipts remain a local responsibility for each division with an active warehouse function.  

13.Are invoices processed central?

Yes, invoicing for delivered goods and services takes place centrally from the SAP system. All invoices are centrally prepared and sent by APG Europe in the Netherlands.

14. Where do we pay tax?

Every APG Europe entity has the responsibility to make tax declarations in accordance with the legal regulations of the country concerned and to pay corporation tax as an independent company. For that reason every APG Europe entity has its own, country specific, finance and accounting administration in SAP