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APG Europe is an Indutrade company whose packaging platform is designed for
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Why we’re here

Our right to exist lies in our service: we create practical total solutions for packaging and logistics issues. Tailor-made for our customers. From start-ups to the established order.

Our technical skills enable us to innovate and support our clients in achieving their goals.

Your success
Our goal

Satisfied customers are our goal.

Our helpful packaging specialists operate on the values of striving for excellence and transparency: Partnership pur sang.

Each product and each packaging serves a purpose, each requiring its own innovative solution. For more than 40 years, customers have trusted our quality, creativity and dedication.

Growing together
Developing together

You can always count on us.

We are loyal and engaged with our customers and suppliers.

As a supply chain partner we fulfill a resonace role representing your priorities in order to safeguard your competitiveness and success. To create a service level we believe you can't get anywhere else.

Passion, pride en graditude


Pride in our organisation and proud of all our employees. No half measures but passionate tackling of challenges.

Grateful that we have been allowed to work for our customers and manufactures.

Together we are a European team with 30 packaging professionals. One team for more efficiency. To dare each other. to coach and support each other.
Together: for you.

Ronald van Haaften
CEO APG Europe

RMA / Returns

APG Europe uses a standardized RMA process. RMA stands for  Return Material Authorization, permission to return goods to APG Europe.

Before you send an item back to APG Europe, you need a valid RMA label. The RMA label includes an RMA number, among other things. This is a unique number that serves as a permission code. The RMA number must be used as a reference on your return shipment.

Our RMA process describes the exchange or return of previous purchases. The return goods are processed quickly and adequately managed by a professional and efficient return process. (inspections, repairs, sorting, repackaging, complaint handling and administrative processing)

We apply strict quality rules to guarantee our packaging materials and the safety of the people who come into contact with our packaging materials. A fully completed material safety data questionnaire form (MSDQ) is required for all return logistics. The MSDQ clearly describes the potential hazards of the returned goods so that they can be processed responsibly.

With the 'Open RMA request form' button below you can register articles that you want to return. APG Europe applies the general terms and conditions of sale when handling an RMA request. Please read the complete RMA regulations carefully.

For additional questions or should you require more information, you can contact Eric van Overbruggen, Quality control engineer: telephone number +31 297 514 6222 or email

Access to the RMA application form:

  1. Log in via the menu in the blue bar at the top of the page
  2. Then click on the orange button below

RMA Regulations

RMA type

APG Europe distinguish a logistic RMA, a quality RMA and an administrative RMA.

Logistic RMA

A logistics RMA relates to a mistake during the performance of our logistics services and the associated corrective action. You can think of:

  • wrong item delivered. A pick error was made by APG Europe in the logistical execution of your order;
  • wrong delivery address. APG Europe made a logistical delivery error in the logistical execution of your order;
  • delivered too much. You have received more from APG Europe than you ordered;
  • not ordered. You have received products from APG Europe that you have not ordered;
  • transport damage. You have received products in a damaged condition.

Quality RMA

A quality RMA refers to the acceptable quality level (AQL) of an item and the associated handling of warranty. The item (s) do not meet the quality that you expect. You can think of:

  • DOA (Dead On Arrival);
  • repair and / or replacement within AQL;
  • repair and / or replacement outside of AQL.

Administrative RMA

An administrative RMA relates to a human error during the execution of your order and the associated corrective action. You can think of:

  • too much ordered. You have ordered too many products from APG Europe by mistake;
  • order mistake. You have ordered the wrong products from APG Europe by mistake;
  • in return. You want to trade in APG Europe items.

Providing an RMA number

Once your application form has been received by us, your RMA registration will be processed by our quality department within 1 working day. If approved, we will send you an RMA label and RMA return instruction by e-mail. The RMA number remains valid for 60 days. If your return shipment is not received within that period, the RMA number will expire.


An RMA registration will only be processed if the MSDQ has been fully completed. MSDQ stands for Material Safety Data Questionnaire. The sender clearly describes the possible dangers of the returned goods. The MSDQ applies to all return items and packaging materials and must be truthfully completed by the sender.

Shipment RMA

After you have received an RMA label, you can send the items to APG Europe. The RMA label must be clearly visible on the outside of at least one package of the shipment. The return address is on the RMA label and in the RMA return instruction. Shipments without mention of the RMA label and / or shipments without MSDQ reference will be refused by APG Europe. The sender is responsible for proper packaging of the shipment, so that transport damage is prevented. Shipment is at the expense of the sender. Transport damage or loss of return shipments is at the risk and expense of the sender. Shipments for the account of APG Europe are refused

Confirmation of receipt and treatment of the RMA

After receiving and accepting the RMA shipment you will receive an email within one business day with a confirmation of receipt with an expected lead time. Our quality department handles the RMA and keeps you informed.

Do you have any questions about the RMA procedure? Please contact Eric van Overbruggen, Quality control engineer: telephone number +31 297 514 6222 or email We are happy to help.